Top 10 of the world’s cutest dog breeds


This list of the cutest dog breeds in the world may seem strange to some. Indeed, the beauty or the “cuteness” of a dog really depends on everyone’s point of view. However, some dogs tend to be so cute that they are (almost) unanimous. And who says cute often says … small!

5. The dwarf Spitz

It’s without a doubt the cutest dog in the world. And for good reason, it looks like a real little teddy bear! However, he does not have the temperament. Indeed, the dwarf Spitz, also called Pomeranian Lulu, may be a very affectionate dog and always in a good mood, it also has a small character well soaked. Thus, he needs to be sociabilized very young with other dogs and children so as not to become aggressive growing up.

4. The Alaskan Klee Kai

Dogs that look like puppies all their life are currently raging. This is the case of the Alaskan Klee Kai, a breed of dogs that looks exactly like the Husky … in miniature! Created accidentally in the 1970s after a cross between a Husky and a small dog, this breed has the same characteristics as the Husky. Thus, Alaskan Klee Kai is intelligent, very active, dominant and has a particularly developed hunting instinct.

3. The Pomsky

Coming from a cross between a dwarf Spitz and a Siberian Husky, the Pomsky is a small dog with the appearance of plush. Very dynamic, the Pomsky is a very endearing dog that knows perfectly put the atmosphere in a home. On the other hand, it has a strong predatory instinct, that it holds of the Husky, and which needs to be channeled at a very young age.

2. The Continental Miniature Spaniel

The Continental Dwarf Spaniel is a very elegant little dog that has the particularity of having big ears particularly cute. If the latter are straight, the dog is of the “butterfly” type, and if they are drooping, it is of the “phalene” type. Very affectionate, gentle and discreet, this dog is the ideal companion.

1. The Pug

With its small wrinkles, crushed snout and large, globular eyes, Carlin really has an adorable body that melt more than one. Indeed, this breed is particularly popular for a few years. Even though the Carlin needs to be stimulated daily, he is not a great sportsman and he is a fan of naps on the couch, if possible with his master, whom he loves more than anything in the world.


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