That’s why dogs with a flattened face must wear a harness


If you are the proud owner of a dog with a crushed face, you are necessarily aware of the respiratory problems of which he is or may be a victim. To limit the damage and not to ruin the walks of your animal, only one option is necessary to you: to opt for a harness!

Brachycephalic syndrome
Dogs with a flattened face, also known as brachycephalic dogs, have the peculiarity of having a very short snout. But, despite the cute nature that gives them, this crushed nose is also the cause of a health problem widespread among these breeds: the obstructive syndrome of the respiratory tract, also called brachycephalic syndrome.

Indeed, in these dogs, it is not only the muzzle that is crushed, everything is compressed! Thus, they often have narrower nostrils than other dogs. But also a soft and too long palate or a sagging trachea. This compression of the upper respiratory tract makes breathing much more difficult.

It is therefore not uncommon to observe a noisy breathing in a Pug, a French Bulldog, a Cavalier King Charles, a Shih-Tzu, a Pekingese or an English Bulldog. But the worst thing is that it can easily turn into respiratory distress (syncope). Especially in case of hot blow or after physical exertion.

Thus, the life expectancy of these dogs is considerably reduced. Sometimes even two! Especially since they are likely to develop heart failure. The reason ? The constant effort made by their heart to fill the respiratory failure.

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