Teen girl dies after complaining of nose pain


Most of us will treat flu and sinus infections as simple conditions and let the immune system do its work. Unfortunately for Shayla Mitchel, this was not the case. As reported by The Epoch Times, she had a persistent cough and thought it was a sinus infection until she went to see the doctor.

Contrary to what Shayla thought, the simple sinus infection was actually a malignant tumor that had spread into her chest. His father, Tom, was shocked beyond measure. Her granddaughter actually had terminal Hodgkin’s disease.

The diagnosis was much more serious

After her diagnosis, Shayla underwent a series of chemotherapies, radiotherapy treatments, tests and injections. She even had to undergo surgery to implant a pacemaker.

Dad and daughter have not quit each other since and both shared the worst moments of their lives, encompassing sadness and anguish at the thought of parting one day. Unfortunately, despite her courage and love for life, Shayla has finally lost the battle against cancer.

After the death of his daughter, and as reported by The Washington post, Dad launched a cancer foundation called STILLBRAVE that would provide care and support to children with cancer and their families.

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