Recipe: a delicious lemon juice that relieves gout and joint pain


Gout is an inflammatory disease that causes joint pain. People who suffer from it are seeing their quality of life deteriorate gradually. If medication is available, it is also advisable to take food-related measures to cure the disease and reduce pain.

Gout is a very debilitating disease in everyday life, which affects men more than women. This disease is the result of an excess of uric acid in the blood and affects between 1 and 1.5% of the European population. The increase of uric acid in the blood can come from an excess of purine and causes painful crises of the joints and especially of the big toe. Contrary to what most people think, this disease does not appear until the individual gets older. In most cases, the first gout attack can occur at the age of 35 years.

Diet is one of the most common causes of this disease. An individual who eats too much fat (red meat and sausage), too much fat and too much sugar is likely to develop the disease. If you suffer from gout and joint pain, we advise you to consume 3 dietary juices made with natural ingredients to relieve seizures and reduce joint attacks.

1-Celery juice

Celery has undeniable medicinal virtues. Diuretic, rich in iron and magnesium, this food is used as a urinary antiseptic. Its anti-inflammatory properties are worth it to relieve joint pain and to be an excellent ingredient to use in case of inflammatory rheumatism.

For this juice, you will need:

– Two thick celery stalks
– Half a cucumber medium size
– The juice of half a lemon
– A piece of fresh ginger

To prepare your juice, cut celery, cucumber and ginger into pieces before putting them in a blender. Once these 3 ingredients are mixed, pour your mixture into a glass and add the lemon juice. This drink is to consume immediately after its preparation.

2-Cherry juice

According to a study published by Journal of Arthritis, the consumption of cherry juice would have a beneficial effect on patients with gout and joint disease. This one would be attributed to its anthocyanin content with anti-inflammatory action.

To prepare this juice, you will need:

– 250 grams of cherries
– The juice of half a lemon
– Three ice cubes
– 1 teaspoon of rose water (optional)

Pierce the cherries and mix everything in a blender. Enjoy.

3-Lemon juice

According to The Arthritis Foundation, vitamin C contained in citrus fruits could reduce uric acid levels, thus preventing the symptoms of gout. However, some citrus fruits are better than others because of their low fructose content, which, in excess, could cause an opposite effect to that desired. Thus, lemon is the ideal solution since it contains only 2g of fructose (for a fruit of 58g) and 40g of vitamin C.

To prepare this juice, you will need:

– 1 lemon
– A glass of water

Squeeze the juice of your lemon into a glass of water. Your drink is ready! Make a cure of this juice for three days, then stop for a week.


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