8 Easy Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog Today


When it involves keeping your dog’s brain sharp, nothing beats coaching her to try to to a number of awing tricks. coaching helps keep our greatest buddies happy, obedient, and mentally active. Adding a number of easy tricks to your dog’s arsenal could be a good way to bond, and can leave you with some cool moves to bust out at your next dog party.

We have a place along an inventory of eight simple tricks to undertake together with your dog. With a touch time, treats, and enthusiasm, your dog is showing off her new skills in no time. Note: before you start, it’s an honest plan to consult a military training guide, and bear in mind that positive reinforcement wins out.

1. Take A Bow

This one couldn’t be simpler: most dogs naturally “bow” once they stretch (picture the downward dog yoga pose). to show it into a trick, merely say “take a bow!” or your selection of command once you catch them doing it, then reward them with a treat. when a minute, your dog ought to be able to take a bow on cue.

2. Shake Hands

“Shake” is the trick that keeps on giving. Once your dog contains a solid shake, she’ll be able to go on to slightly a lot of difficult moves.

3. High Five

Nothing’s cooler than locution “gimme five” and catching a palm choked with a paw! This move is additionally helpful if you’ve got a dog that tends to paw at you—redirect those ill-breeding into a sweet trick.

4. Wave Hello/Goodbye

Who doesn’t like to be greeted by a four-legged phenom? Teaching your dog to wave makes for AN particularly easy and lovely trick. It’s terribly just like high 5, however, while not the skin-to-fur contact.

5. Come When Called

One of the foremost basic and necessary obedience commands, coming back once known as is additionally an excellent starter to a spherical of swellhead tricks: it brings your dog shut and puts her specialize in you. If your dog already contains a reliable recall, you’ll combine it up a small amount with totally different commands. a lover of mine yells “Giddyup!” to decision her dog shut.

6. Army Crawl

Here’s a really lovely and spectacular trick that couldn’t be easier to show. If your dog is aware of the way to lie, she’s simply a step far away from crawling!

7. Roll Over and Belly-Up

Rollover is that the classic “first trick” for many dogs. Once your dog is aware of the total roll-over, you’ll teach her to “hold that cause.” Some individuals decision this trick “playing dead” or “belly up.” no matter your decision, it’s one in every of the cutest tricks a dog will learn, and conjointly one in every of the fastest.

8. Got To Bed

Here’s an honest one to spherical out an indication of your dogs’ best tricks: send her to bed for an honest rest finally that arduous work! “Go to bed” is helpful as a cue once your dog must be aloof from the action and cool down. Of course, you’ll forever take it to successive level by coaching her to tug the covers over herself…but that one would possibly take a touch longer.


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