5-minute exercises to burn belly fat


Most people complain of abdominal fat because it is the part that is the most difficult to burn. It is certain that to get there, an adequate training is necessary, but which one? In this article we have for you 5 minute exercises that will allow you to burn belly fat effectively!

It can be hard to find time for exercise nowadays. Between work, stress and poor diet, the pounds can accumulate quickly and can be seen at the waist. Bright Side accompanies us to give a demonstration of some movements and effective exercises of 5 minutes, to lose fat on the belly.

5 minutes exercises to burn belly fat

  • Leg beats

Lie on a carpet keeping your legs together. Then, squeeze your abs and lift your feet off the ground and then beat your legs up and down.

Repeat 15 times, pause, then repeat again.

Advantages :
This exercise will help you to:

– Burn calories

– Have a great cardio workout

– Improve endurance

– Eliminate belly fat

– Strengthen the trunk

  • Inverted abs

Lie on your back by placing your hands on the floor and lifting your legs at a 90-degree angle.

Pull your legs and hips back while bringing your knees to your chest.

Repeat the exercise 15 times, pause, then repeat again.

Advantages :
This inverted abdominal exercise will help you to:

– To work the main abdominal muscles

– Improve posture

– Firming the lower abdominal muscles

  • Slots with kicks forward

While standing, throw your leg forward and back with one foot to finish in the slot position.

Then return to the starting position, lift the other leg and kick forward. Then come back again to the slot position.

Repeat the exercise 15 times with each leg, pause, then repeat again.

Advantages :
This exercise of the slots with kicks before will help you to:

– Improve your basic stability

– Increase your flexibility

– Toning your gluteal muscles


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